Young Adult – Wings

When Laurel’s back suddenly erupts in a wing-like, petal-like protuberance, she is left completely unprepared. Laurel was finally feeling like she might be able to fit in after moving away from her adopted family’s ancestral farmland, but this new development throws her for a loop. With the help of her friend David, she desperately tries to discover what is happening to her. But it isn’t until she revisits her old home – which is in the process of being made ready to be sold – that she stumbles across the truth…and another “person” who claims that both he and she are faeries.

I really liked this book, and absolutely love the cover. The title on the other hand … “Wings” is so generic, and in the end completely misleading. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, so I won’t reveal what my alternative titles would be, but I can think of several that would be equally engaging and more story-specific.

The story itself is intriguing, although there are a few plot holes (for instance, and trying to be vague, if the solution involving the sale of the house that is achieved at the end of the book was so easily effected, why did they not just use that method from the very beginning? Other than that there wouldn’t have been much of a book otherwise…) However, it was a refreshing take on faeries that I had not seen done in quite that way before. Unique depictions of faeries – and in particular girls who unexpectedly discover that they are faeries – are become increasingly rare these days.

The tension between whether Laurel will choose best-friend David or enchanting-faerie Tamani is resolved in such a way that I will be very surprised if author Aprilynne Pike is not already planning a sequel. If so, I’ll be in line to read it.

Updated to add that the author’s website states that Wings is the first of four books about Laurel.

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