Picture Book – Almost

Jack is almost six. That means that he is almost grown-up. For instance, he is almost ready to make his own breakfast or ride a big bike, and he almost likes vegetables. But being almost grown up doesn’t mean that Jack doesn’t appreciate a bandaid and a hug when he skins his knee.

Jack’s wish to be grown up, and in particular to be just like his unnamed older brother, is one that will resonate with younger siblings everywhere. But Jack realizes that being almost ready for something is not the same as being actually ready. This sweet story features an exuberant boy and an older brother that, while visibly annoyed, is still the one that brings Jack to their mother when Jack is hurt.

The illustrations are bright and appealing. Jack’s enthusiasm comes through clearly, as well as his mostly undaunted rebound when things do not go completely his way. A winner for most readers.


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