Picture Books – 1,000 Times No

Noah’s mother tells him that it’s time to go, and he tells her no – repeatedly and in multiple languages…until he finds out what the intended destination was.

There are two ways to take this book. I can admire it for being cute and having fun with a conceit. Or I can analyze it with comments about how a toddler yelling no isn’t necessarily funny or something we want to encourage, or point out that not all of the pictures are culturally sensitive. But since I suspect that most kids will simply be attracted to the bright picture of a cute little boy, I think I’ll go with the first approach.

Personally, I think Noah looks like a girl with his long curly hair. However, he is undeniably cute, as is his stuffed chicken, which pops up in many of the pictures. Each of Noah’s No’s is done in a different language, with a separate box. Some of the No’s are given a full page, some just a fraction of a page filled with no’s. Different languages are given different pictures – so when Noah says “nyet” he’s wearing a Russian hat, and so on. The book is fun, and, when taken in the lighthearted manner it was intended to be read with, is quite enjoyable.


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