Nonfiction – Evolution Revolution

More than a century after Origin of Species was published, Charles Darwin’s work is still widely read and, in some parts of the world, widely debated. Evolution Revolution is not one of the debatable books. Although it gives a nod to the controversy of the original publication, the rest of the book rest solidly on science and the overwhelming abundance of information and facts that act to support Darwin’s work.

Like most of the books published by DK, the formatting is spot-on for its intended audience, working to entice children to read nonfiction. Each double-paged spread is dedicated to a specific topic, with multiple captions and text boxes that encourage browsing. Pictures are abundant and colorful. The text is engaging and written at an appropriate level, yet does not “dumb down” the material. Evolution is a complex topic, and the book is careful to build each concept so that children can understand what is going on.

While the book is not perfect – I was particularly put off by sexist comment that suggested that the difference between hunting and gathering means that “men can read maps and women like shopping” – there is a lot to like.

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