Chapter Books – Slob

Owen is fat. He is also almost a genius (he missed by one point.) So when the cookies in his lunchbox, the only highlight of his school day, start to go missing, Owen has a plan. He’ll invent a series of contraptions intended to catch the culprit, even though he’s pretty sure he knows who’s been taking the cookies: scary Mason, who everyone knows carries a switchblade – or maybe it’s a buck knife – in his sock.

A lot of the reviews and summaries that I have seen for this book focus on the fact that Owen is building a television that can view the past, but I’m not going to dwell on that because it makes the book sound like science fiction, which it most certainly is not. What Owen is attempting to build is of far less concern than why he is trying to build it. I won’t reveal why here, because I read a review that did mention it and it meant that the slow build to Owen’s motivations was ruined for me.

Owen’s sister Jeremy was fantastic. She was drawn very well. I wasn’t sure how I felt about GWAB. On the one hand, I would definitely have joined this club as a kid, and it was both clever, fun, and something I could see a gaggle of tomboys doing. On the other hand, since it was clear that they were mostly just tomboys, and not really Girls Who Are Boys, I’m not sure how a young person who does indeed self-identify as a GWAB will react. Of course, I’m probably reading way too much into this. I suspect that any transgender child would probably be more thrilled to see his/her feelings in a book at all, even if it’s essentially as a club for kids to play at.

So in summary, great book, great concept, fantastic relationships. Go read it.


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