Picture Books – Pretty Pru

Pru the bird is delighted with her bag of makeup, but she refuses to share with the other animals in her house becuase they will “waste it”. Tumpty the elephant steals the bag of makeup and hands it out to everyone. When Pru goes looking for her missing bag the question “Do you have it?” is answered (technically honestly) “No” by a variety of friends covered in makeup. When Pru finds Tumpty with the bag on his head, he apologizes and Pru decides to share.

The first time I read this book, I was a little annoyed that all of the animals were lying. But then I realized that they were telling the truth, since they did not have the purse when asked. Tumpty is properly contrite when Pru finds him, despite the fact that Pru does not yell at him or act mean in any way. This was a nicely conflict free resolution, though perhaps not entirely realistic.

I liked that all of the animals, regardless of gender, wanted to play with the makeup. There was no message that boys shouldn’t play with makeup. Many little boys are fascinated by lipstick or mascara when they are small, and this book is wonderfully non-judgmental.

The illustrations are line drawings with what seem like water colors. There is a slightly retro feel to the pictures, though nothing I could put my finger on. They are appropriately cute.


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