Picture Books – Tara, the Air Fairy

Tara the Air Fairy wakes up on a cold spring day. She uses her magic fairy powers to warm up the air a bit, and then looks around for anyone that might need help. A brown thing stuck to a tree asks for assistance, and she helps the newly-formed butterfly out of its chrysalis. In return, the Queen of the Fairies rewards Tara with a special ring and the new mission to help human children.

This is part of a series of books about elemental fairies. While the illustrations are excellent, I found the text somewhat lacking. For one thing, there are too many words per page. One of the difficulties of writing a good picture book is being concise. Most of the pre-k set are not going to want to sit still for several paragraphs of text per a single illustration. Secondly, the text is not terribly inspired, nor is the story.

What saves this series from complete mediocrity are the illustrations, which are extremely well suited to a fairy story. If I had a small child obsessed with fairies, I would probably “read” this book to them by making up my own words to keep the pages turning.


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