Picture Books – Do Pigs Have Stripes?

Does a bird have a big black wet nose? Of course not, but a dog does. This is the general premise of this simple but engaging picture book. A familiar animal part, such as a crocodile’s tail or elephant’s foot, is presented asking if it belongs to an obviously wrong animal. On the next page the question is answered (“No”) and the real animal is revealed.

Anyone looking for a perfect readaloud can look no farther than this series of books by Melanie Walsh. Whether read one-on-one or to a large crowd, preschoolers adore these books. The idea that a monkey might have antlers is incredibly silly to them, and the security of knowing that antlers belong to reindeer or that a giraffe has a long neck leads to enthusiastic shouting out of the correct answer.

The painted pictures that accompany the book are simple, but that adds to the charm. A long yellow neck with reddish-brown spots is all that is needed to signal “giraffe” to a child in the know.

If you’re looking for a book for very young children, this one will not let you down.


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