Young Adult – Somebody

Karen is a fat name, and has helped a girl with that name gain weight. Of course, her name wasn’t always Karen. She’s had lots of names over the years. Every time her family – a brother and father – move, they change their names and hair color. The girl can barely remember what her natural hair looks like. It takes an effort to remember her original name: Sherica.

But with her real name, she starts to question her existence. Why are they always moving, always hiding? If her mother were such an outrageously horrible person, as her father is constantly asserting, then why do the details in his stories keep changing? When Sherica looks for help, she finds some surprising answers, as well as help in unexpected places.

This was a very slim book, and not one of my favorites by this author, although I still enjoyed it. I was especially interested to note that a family of illegal aliens is European. So often we read about people sneaking over our Southern borders that we forget there are many ways to be illegal in this country.

Sherica’s innocence is a little too well done, though I suppose that there is an element of wanting to believe. I thought it was appropriate at the end of the book that she was still loyal enough to all family members that she did her best to make sure that everyone was as safe as she could possibly make them. I felt that that aspect was very real.

This was a quick read, with a little bit of mystery and a fair amount of character development. It was enjoyable, though not mind blowing.


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