Chapter Books – Dinosaur Cove

Jamie has just moved to Dinosaur Cove. He’s excited about collecting dinosaur fossils, which are plentiful in this area. On his first day of exploring he meets Tom, who brings him to see an old smuggler’s cave. But both boys are surprised when they follow a secret hole in the cave and end up going back in time. Suddenly they’re surrounded by dinsosaurs! But, while the wannanosaurus they meet is very friendly, the T. Rex is not….

Attack of the Tyrannosaurus is the first in a series of books about the Dinosaur Cove. In reading the book, I was reminded of the Rainbow Magic Fairy books, only this time targeted at boys. Both series are quick reads, transitional chapter books intended for second or third graders. Both series lean towards action rather than character development, and both are heavily illustrated. I am fairly confident that the Dinosaur Cove books will pretty quickly find the same loyal and enthusiastic fan base that the Rainbow Fairy books have found.

While the book is not high literature, it’s also not trying to be, either. It knows what it is, and fulfills that role gladly and well. Have a boy who doesn’t like to read? Hand him a book filled with action and dinosaurs, and chances are good that he’ll be willing to give it a try. The chapters are short, so the flow moves quickly, and there is enough action to keep the pages turning. While this first book did not have much of a plot, other than the discovery of the dinsaurs, just looking at the titles and cover illustrations of subsequent books in the series makes it clear that helping their wannanosaurus friend, saving each other, and rescuing modern devices stolen by curious dinos will all provide fodder for further plot development. Highly recommended for eight year old boys.


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