Early Readers – Boss for a Day

Moffie and Morgie are twins. Moffie is very bossy, so Mama declares that Morgie needs to be able to do what he wants. The next day Morgie is declared boss for the day. Moffie is more than happy to show him how to be a boss, but in doing so, she takes over completely, such that nothing has really changed.

This is an All Aboard Reading book, level 1, intended for children Pre-K through First grade. There are one or two sentences on each page. Contractions and dialog are used.

I liked that the reader was left to recognize that Moffie is still being bossy, even in the guise of helping Morgie learn to be in charge. Some books would have hit the reader over the head with this. Instead, the author simply makes it obvious through the character’s actions, which is quite a bit funnier. Tomie DePaola does not have heaps of awards and accolades for nothing.


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