Young Adult – Blue Bloods

The Duchesne school in NYC, despite being one of the ritziest, most exclusive schools in the country, still has its cliques and scholarship students. Schuyler Van Allen, one of the latter, and her best friend Oliver are definite outcasts, though this is something of their own choosing. Mimi Force and her twin brother Jack, on the other hand, are clearly the school rulers. The fact that they are all vampires is a something of a shock to Schuyler.

The Blue Bloods have existed for centuries, immortal creatures who trade old and decrepit bodies for new lives as babies. As adolescence approaches, the memories of their previous lives start to filter into the Blue Blood’s consciousness, they start craving blood, and become full-fledged vampires. But this transition process is a vulnerable time, and something ancient has begun to prey upon the teenaged Blue Bloods. What is it, and can they stop it in time before more of their friends are killed?

This was an interesting take on the vampire mythology. I very much enjoyed the concept that the Blue Bloods were immortal but changed bodies from lifetime to lifetime. However, I didn’t see any need for them to be vampires, other than to cash in on the current craze for all things vampire. They could easily have simply been a new kind of supernatural creature. I have not read the rest of the series yet, so it’s possible that the need to drink blood will arise as a point of importance later in the storyline. Otherwise the Blue Bloods don’t share any of the typical vampire characteristics.


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