Nonfiction – Just the Right Size

You’re watching a horror movie when suddenly giant spiders leap onto the screen. They’re larger than a car and about to eat our heroes! So why aren’t we plagued with such monstrosities in the real world? Just the Right Size: Why Big Animals are Big and Little Animals are Little is here to tell us why.

Using clear, direct language that breaks complex ideas into simpler concepts that kids can readily understand and comprehend, the book does an excellent job of conveying the information. Each page, and each concept, is accompanied by cartoons illustrating the text. Some of the cartoons are equal parts humorous and informational, others lean in one direction or the other.

The topic is fascinating, and will appeal to children (and most likely their parents) who are interested in science. There is an index and glossary, though no bibliography. Although this is a short book, and there are areas that could have used a bit more explanation, for the most part it packs a whallop of an informational punch.


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