Young Adult – Into the Wild Nerd Yonder

Jessie just wants everything to stay the same. But as she enters her sophomore year of high school, everything seems to be changing. Her punk-band brother is getting ready to leave for college (bad enough!) and has suddenly starting dating the high school prom queen. Her two best friends have transformed themselves almost overnight into punk rock wannabes. Even worse, her friends seem to have betrayed and abandoned her, leaving Jessie in the unenviable position of finding new friends. Although she’s very smart and loves sewing funky skirts, Jessie has never considered herself a nerd. She’s somewhat taken aback, then, when it seems like her best bet for fitting in and having fun is with the school’s nerdiest crowd of roleplayers. But is Jessie ready to leave her punk-rock cred and become a LARPer?

This was a sweet story. There wasn’t anything new or surprising about the book, but sometimes a good book can simply be comfort food for the reading soul. It surprises me a little that Jessie has never been called a nerd before this, based on her behavior and interests, but I suppose having the “coolest” brother in the school and two close friends who are indie alpha girls may have given her enough buffer zone.

Although nothing happens on-scene, and Jessie’s romance is very tame, there is repeated reference to Jessie’s friend who ends up with an STI after oral sex, tilting the reading age up a few notches. I was sort of disappointed in the old-fashioned handling of the best-friend-who-engages-in-sexual-activity-and-then-immediately-suffers cliche.

One thought on “Young Adult – Into the Wild Nerd Yonder

  1. Sounds a bit like “Gamer Girl”. I did love that book though. Even though the whole thing was incredibly predictable, there was just enough of a twist to keep my interest. Maybe I’ll check this one out.

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