Young Adult – Geektastic

.Ever felt like an outcast because you’re smarter, peppier, more passionate/obsessed than those around you? Well then, this book is for you. A host of young adult authors have contributed stories about being nerds. The short stories range from over-the-top comedy to more serious introspection, though most maintain a faintly amused tone. Humorous cartoons about being a nerd are included before each chapter.

Although all ages of the typical young adult spectrum are represented, from freshman to college students, the average age skews a bit older. This makes a certain amount of sense, as many of the more hardcore geek activities, such as attending cons, meeting online friends, or larping require a driver’s license.

As with all short story collections, some contributions are more compelling than others. But I also find that any two people reading, reading the same collection, will disagree over which of those selections are the compelling ones. Overall, this is a fairly strong collection of stories which will appeal to nerds both grown and growing.

One thought on “Young Adult – Geektastic

  1. I discovered this review as I searched for Geektastic among several of my favorite blogs. And why was I searching for Geektastic? It’s the Featured Book this month on our blog, StorySleuths, in which three writers learn how to improve our craft from award winning writers, many of whom are included in Geektastic. Right now I’m prepping my post about Secret Identity, by Kelly Link, which was one of my favorites. I’m wondering which were your favorites. Meg Lippert

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