Early Reader – Katie Woo – Boss of the World

Katie Woo is a lively little girl. When she and her friends Pedro and JoJo go to the beach, Katie has a hard time remembering that her friends are trying to have fun too. Instead she is “a meanie”, demanding that they carry water for her sandcastles, and hogging the french fries. But when her friends turn the tables on her, Katie realizes her mistakes and tries to be friendlier.

This easy reader book is somewhat didactic in its message, but considering the constraints of the early reader format, this book is by far not the most blatantly preachy book I’ve seen. Katie is likable and will probably win over some fans despite the messages.

The book contains a glossary at the back, in addition to discussion questions and writing prompts. I’m not entirely sure who the intended audience for these are, since I very much doubt first and second graders are going to spontaneously start doing homework, and a teacher would probably be using the book in a way that would more closely align with what s/he was teaching.

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