Picture Books – Bears on Chairs

Four little chairs are just right for bears. We’re in luck because here come four cute little bears, from Calico Bear to Floppy Bear, and they sit happily on the chairs. But what will happen when Big Brown Bear comes by and wants to sit as well?

I suppose the point of the book is supposed to be one about sharing, since the solution to the problem is that when all the chairs are pushed together, all five bears can fit. But for me, the delight in this book is the art. The illustrations, done in acrylic, are wonderfully cute and appealing. There is a fine line between sweet and saccharine, but I feel that illustrator David Walker managed to find that line perfectly. The bears slump and push and climb with exquisite charm. Their minimal facial features mean that the smallest smile speaks volumes and body language is very important.

The text is impressive in that it took me more than halfway through the book before I noticed that every single line rhymed with bear. I generally dislike rhyming text on principle, so not noticing that the rhyme was identical until halfway through the book is quite an achievement. That being said, by the end of the book, the repetition had become a big much.

All in all, this is a fabulous book to share with a child or group of children.


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