Chapter Books – Raiders’ Ransom

Lilly is a fisher, making her living in the drowned marshes of what used to be Great Britain. Her life is hard, but she is content. Then the raiders come. Egged on by the technophiles of Greater Scotland – the only ones that have not rejected technology after the great Cataclysm that destroyed the climate and caused the seas to rise – the raiders are after a jewel. Instead, they steal the Prime Minister’s daughter. When she is in a position to steal the jewel, Lilly sets out with her seacat to bring the jewels to the raiders and ransom the seven-year-old Prime Minister’s daughter.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. This is a rollicking tale that rarely lets up on the action. Yet at the same time there is some strong character development, at least for some of the characters. The raiders as a whole are not terribly well developed, but the young raider Zeph sees a lot of growth and change over the course of the book.

This will appeal to anyone who enjoys action and adventure, as well as science fiction. Even some historical fiction fans might enjoy it, since although the setting is in the future, it is a future in which there is little or no technology.


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