Young Adult – Intertwined

Aden’s life up to now has been tough. Since he was a baby he’s had four souls living inside his head, and the chatter and noise they create have made it hard for him to live a normal life. Instead, he’s spent the past sixteen years being shuffled from foster home to mental institution to juvie and back again. It doesn’t help that each of the souls has a special power, from raising the dead to time-travel, and that Aden himself has no control over when or where they will use these powers.

Aden is trying very hard to make his newest group home work out when he stumbles across a town girl named Mary Ann. Normally Aden is too distracted to pay much attention to girls, but this girl is different. She makes the voices go away. No more souls in his head, at least when she’s nearby. But why does she have this effect on him? And can she help to free the souls that have been trapped with him for his entire life?

There was a lot going on in this book, perhaps even a little too much. The summary above is already intriguing, even before I begin to mention werewolves, vampires, and epic Love Against The Rules. But if you are willing to just sit back for the ride, the book is willing to race with you.

The writing stumbles occasionally, but the plot rockets forward. The relationships will appeal to fans of the increasingly popular paranormal romance, while the action will keep the non-romantics entertained. The ending leaves itself wide open for a sequel, which I will be looking forward to.


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