Frozen in Time

Thirteen year old Ben and his younger sister Rachel are having the most boring summer ever. It has done nothing but rain, rain, rain – even more than usual in an already pretty wet area of England. But when the rain finally stops and the children run out to play in the mud, they find that the water has washed away some old debris, revealing a mysterious hatch. Exploring their new find, Ben and Rachel stumble across an old bunker containing two cryogenically frozen children and their puppy, perfectly preserved from 1956.

At first Freddy and Polly can’t get over all of the changes from the last fifty years. But it quickly becomes apparent that trying to pass for contemporary middle schoolers is the least of their problems. Not only do they need to solve the mystery of why their father disappeared, making it impossible for him to return to unfreeze his children after the experiment was over, but it appears that shadowy government figures in both England and Russia are determined to track down the previously frozen children! Freddy, Polly, Rachel, and Ben are going to have to use all of their skills – both modern and 1950’s-style – to outwit their pursuers.

Frozen in Time is by Ali Sparkes.


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