Young Adult – Pathfinder

Rigg has spent all of his 13 years living in the forest with the man he calls father. His father spends that time teaching Rigg not just how to trap the animals they skin for a living, but also how to speak multiple languages, the basics of physics, and as much history as Rigg can cram into his head. He’s also taught Rigg as much as he can about Rigg’s unusual ability to see the paths of all the living creatures. Much of this information Rigg can’t see the use of, but when Rigg’s father dies unexpectedly, telling him to seek out the sister Rigg didn’t know he had, the teachings of his father are suddenly a matter of life and death.

Rigg accidentally stumbles across another unique ability: with the help of a friend, he is able to not just travel through time, but to change the past as well. It will be up to Rigg to master as many of these talents as possible as he soon finds himself in a dangerous position: half of the empire wants to crown him king, while the other half wants to kill him.

I enjoyed this book, and the fast pace made me want to stay up late to finish each chapter … and then the book. Overall, I recommend it, though there were a few quibbles, mostly with character development, or the lack thereof. There are several tragic events that I felt the characters did not spend enough time grieving, and the characters remained basically unchanged throughout the story. However, the tight focus on plot and the excellent world-building easily carry the story.


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