Chapter Books – Nerd Camp

Ten year old Gabe is thrilled when he is accepted into a summer camp for gifted children. He has always enjoyed being one of the smart kids. But when he meets his new stepbrother, Zach starts making fun of “nerds” and suddenly Gabe can’t stop thinking about how the super-cool soon-to-be stepbrother that he desperately wants to impress would view the activities at camp. In an attempt to prove to himself that he is not a nerd who has nerdy adventures, he keeps a chart of the fun things he does, along with the various nerdy aspects that he should not share with Zach. Along the way he starts to realize that, nerdy or not, camp is a lot of fun!

This was a fun read, and I was pleased to see several characters that were unabashedly nerdy and confident in who they were. Gabe is less self-assured, but he rises to the challenge by the end of the book. Other than the underlying plot of Gabe worrying about how Zach would react, the story is a basic fun camp outing, one that makes me wish that I had attended a Nerd Camp when I was younger.


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