Chapter Books – Bye For Now

Robin is not having a good day. It’s her eleventh birthday, but so far it’s been just awful. When she blows out the candles on her cake, she wishes that she were somebody else. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a new body – that of British girl Fiona! A frantic attempt to figure out how to switch back leads Robin to discover an entire network of Wishers – eleven year old girls who have been transported to another’s body. But the magic only works until one of the bodies turns twelve – and not all of the Wishers want to wish themselves home.

A light, breezy read, this quick novel reminds us once again that while the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, there’s no place like home. We also see that when people’s expectations change, we can often rise to challenges we never thought possible. These themes make for a charming story that many girls will enjoy, and may even relate to.

There are a few plot holes, most of them revolving around the ending, but this isn’t the sort of book where one is terribly concerned with world-building or consistent magical rules. All of the girls in the book appear to have wished themselves away from relatively harmless “problems” and stress, but that’s appropriate for the target audience. If the magic age was sixteen, rather than eleven, we’d expect to see slightly more dangerous scenarios that some of the girls are thrust into, but the charming adventures of girls trying desperately to pretend to be someone else while simultaneously finding their true selves is right on target for the tween audience.

The ending (plus the subtitle “A Wishers Story”) strongly implies there will be more in this series. While the book was predictable, it was also sweet, and I will be amongst the many who will most likely read others in the series, if only because I have a weakness for switched-body plotlines.


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