Young Adult – Pretty Girl-13

The last thing Angie remembers is the Girl Scout camping trip. Then, suddenly, she’s standing in front of her house, her feet sore and wearing clothes she’s never seen before. Her parents freak out when she shows up on the doorstep, and she’s shocked to discover that she’s been missing for three years. She’d think it was a joke if she couldn’t see for herself that her body has aged, and that she has new scars she can’t remember getting. But what happened to those three years worth of memories? Where has she been? And who took her there?

If anyone reads the book flap they will find out the following, but if you really don’t want even the slightest shade of spoilers, be warned and don’t read ahead! Angie can’t remember what happened because “Angie” wasn’t there: she has multiple personalities that took over to protect their Pretty Girl – 13. Some of those personalities are happy to give Angie back to her former life, but others are upset about relinquishing control. Angie has to struggle to reintegrate herself, both back into her former life, where all of her friends have moved on and grown up in ways that she has not, and internally.

Some of Angie’s experiences were very disturbing. While there is nothing explicit, it is also clear that Angie was physically and sexually abused during her captivity. Readers should be warned that these images may be disturbing or upsetting.

This was fast paced and high on the tension, a page turner, but it also didn’t tread any major new ground in the sub-sub-sub genre of multiple personalities. There were some extreme coincidences that stretched believability. The ending, while incredibly dramatic, was also somewhat over the top. Still, I would recommend this book to people, especially girls, who like mysteries, tension, emotional wringers, or thrillers.


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