Bathroom Science

No, it’s not that sort of bathroom science, don’t worry! Instead, it’s the recognition of an opportunity. Our library , particularly our children’s section, is filled with windows. While this gives us lots of great natural light, it also means that we do not have a great deal of blank wall space.  Enter: the bathroom. Not only does it have plenty of empty wall space, it also presents us with a captive audience. Young children in particular often spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom, often with parents in tow. Putting up a passive activity on the wall gives us the opportunity to utilize an otherwise empty space, while at the same time providing entertainment and discussion for parents and children who are stuck in an otherwise boring room.

Thus began our Bathroom STEM program. We are planning to feature a different STEM theme each month, with quick activities or information for children and their caregivers.   Here is the first installment (note that this was not actually photographed on the bathroom wall. The original photos were lost and I did not want 


to have to retape all the pictures.) 

This is a simple “What comes next in the pattern?” question. Notice my clever placement of the pattern strips, so that they themselves form a pattern. When this was up in the bathroom I overheard quite a few parents talking to their children about it. The dinosaurs were particularly popular.


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