Bathroom STEM: Animal Babies


Putting up STEM questions and activities on the bathroom wall is a great use of available space, while at the same time capitalizing on a captive audience.

Following up on the previous success of “Animal Homes”, I created this matching game for Animal Babies. The sign officially says “Match the immature (baby) animal to its adult form”, since I wanted to introduce some new science vocabulary to my potential audience.

It didn’t occur to me until after I had already printed and laminated all of the animals that I should have labeled them with their correct names to further the learning opportunities, so I had to squeeze the names in with a Sharpie. If I did it over again, I would add a large caption with the animal name on the computer.

This one had the same unintended consequence as its Animal Homes partner, where the pieces were often moved around to create matches on the wall. This time I used painter’s tape instead of masking tape, so there were no problems with paint coming off the wall. I’m still not entirely certain how to make it clear not to move the pictures without adding a distracting scolding sign that might ruin the mood.

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