Bathroom STEM: Birds


Putting up STEM questions and activities on the bathroom wall is a great use of available space, while at the same time capitalizing on a captive audience.

The many birds that come to birdfeeders during the winter months prompted this bird-themed Bathroom STEM display. At first I just put up pictures of common New England birds that children may see in their backyards but may or may not be able to recognize. I thought if I labeled the pictures independent readers would learn new bird name, and smaller children could have their parents read the labels. But the whole display was just too static, and didn’t seem to be creating the conversations that some of the previous displays had generated, so I added a couple of pictures and some search and find questions like “How many black and white birds are there? What kind of birds are they?” That made the whole display more interactive, since it was inviting the onlooker to actively participate in looking at the pictures, rather than simply gazing passively.


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