Bathroom STEM: Winter Patterns

A pattern display

Putting up STEM questions and activities on the bathroom wall is a great use of available space, while at the same time capitalizing on a captive audience.

I wanted a winter theme for this Bathroom STEM. My first choice was something about snowflakes, but I wasn’t able to figure out a way to make snowflakes accessible to the youngest library patrons who are the primary audience for these displays while still making it something that requested the user to actively engage with what was on the wall by finding or matching or identifying something. So instead, I went for a simply pattern display featuring winter themes.  As with my first pattern display, I tried to make a subtle pattern with the strips themselves, for the older users to notice (or not….). If you look carefully you can see a spot where one of the first displays pulled a little paint off the wall. Switching from masking tape to painter’s tape seems to have solved that particular problem.


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