Little Hands Art: Balloons and Yarn Painting

Painting with balloonsIt was a beautiful spring day today, so I was not terribly surprised when we had a much, much smaller crowd of children at this program. The few children who did attend were very young.

Theoretically we were going to be painting with balloons and yarn, two “paintbrushes” that are not normally used. The children were so young that they were mostly still at the stage where they are exploring the concept of paint, so there was a lot of finger painting and discovering what paint tasted like, rather than purposefully working with the balloons or yarn, but everyone had fun and it was still a productive activity in that the children were able to experience how paint interacts with the world and the ways in which they can manipulate it.

I played around with the supplies myself. The yarn did not work as well or as easily as I thought it would. Perhaps my tempera paints were too thick? Or perhaps the particular yarn I used was not good for the job? For whatever reason I found that the paint did not stick to it very well. Just dipping the yarn into the paint did not leave enough paint on the yarn to make more than a single faint line. I had to use my fingers to really push the yarn into the paint before I had any sort of useful amount of paint on the yarn, thus covering my fingers in paint.

The balloons were much more successful. They easily picked up the paint. The picture does not show it very well, but the final product has some very interesting textures to it, as the paint lifted off the balloon.


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