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Nonfiction Book of the Day – Pocket Babies and Other Amazing Marsupials

Quick- name all of the marsupials you can think of! You probably remembered kangaroos, and maybe possums. If you’re really good with your mammals, you may even have picked koalas or wallabies. But what about wombats, or bandicoots, or quolls? All of these marsupials, and more, are featured in the new book Pocket Babies and Other Amazing Marsupials by Sneed Collard.

This book, well-adorned with beautiful photography of the animals in question, is more than just a list of marsupials accompanied by pictures. It succinctly explains the history of the marsupial, from the time when all of the continents were connected to the present-day worries about environmental impact. Along the way, the author also finds time to discuss scientific classification and how it works. All of this is enriched large glossy photos that will make any reader wish they had a pet numbat.